The dark side of reward and recognition

This week was a big one in our household. Aside from the usual packing lunches, hostage negotiations over what the kids have for breakfast, and slamming down a travel mug of lukewarm coffee and soggy toast stuck on the freeway, we had the school carols event and awards ceremony for our two girls Tamika (9) and Amele[…]

Lessons from Primary School for the Business World

Last month my daughter Tamika had her open day at school and it’s very exciting for all concerned. Like a singer going on stage, or an artist revealing a masterpiece, Tamika was super proud to be walking her family through her achievements. Looking through some of the lesson plans, Tamika’s class was engrossed in everything[…]

InsideOut at Work: The 5 emotions driving our progress and achievement

Last weekend I took my two girls to watch a much anticipated film of the year: InsideOut. For those that haven’t yet seen or heard of it, the film is set in the mind of a young girl, Riley Anderson, where five personified emotions—Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear, and Sadness try to lead her through life as[…]